Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Google Earth :)

Google Earth...

What an amazing program !!!!
Firstly, downloading google earth is easy and free, anyone can do it.
Secondly, it is just the most amazing program ever. You can zoom right into your house, check out your neighbours house, or even zoom across the world and look at the Eiffel Tower.
Did i say amazing!!!
Google earth has many easy to use features. It has a search bar titled 'fly to', by typing in a street address or landmark google earth will quickly rotate the world so you are staring right at your desired location. Once you arrive at these destinations if the google view is not enough for you there are picture icons that you can click on and get real-life photos of your destination. Not only can you find places, streets and landmarks all around the world but you can also, find the quickest routes, measure the distance, and get directions from one location to another. Google Earth is a unique program that is exhibited by its high resolution graphics, it amazingly accurate maps and photos and its easy to use functions and applications.

Not only is this an amazing tool for everyday technology users, but it also contains some exceptional educational qualities.

  • Students can locate major cities and landmarks.
  • Students can develop a concept of the entities of the world (percentage of water to land).
  • Students can learn to use latitude and longitude navigation's.
  • Students can find directions and measurements between landmarks in their local areas.
  • Using Google Earth geographic browser students can look up world oil consumption, current Arctic sea ice concentrations, and sea surface temperatures.

The learning opportunities presented in this small list of examples is enormous. SOSE and Science lessons can be transformed into real life situations and simulations. Using Google Earth can thus increases the authenticity and richness of any task. Not only will students be engaged in their learning but they will be intrinsically motivated to learn. Google Earth requires students to be active participants in their own learning. This is important because "active learning leads to effective and efficient teaching and learning" (ACU 2000). Google earth is a very effective learning tool. This is proven by looking at Dale's Cone(ACU200). Google Earth as a learning tool can be placed at the bottom of the cone under a direct, purposeful experience.


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