Wednesday, August 19, 2009

YouTube & Teacher Tube :)

YouTube is an excellent on-line program stocked full of wonderful, engaging, resources. It contains millions of videos uploaded from people all over the world and generally cover every topic imaginable. It is simple just a matter of typing into the search bar your preference and clicking search. I am a big fan of face book and have wasted countless hours watching video after video after video.

TeacherTube follows the same design as you tube however it allows you to easily download the videos so you can share them with your class. Teachtube is full of wonderful videos all suitable for students. Each video is given a category so they can be easily identified as either primary, high school or college.

A wonderful video i came across on YouTube is termed 'I am Australia'. I will share with you the video than explain how i would implement this video into my classroom. The URL link to my video is =

Video's sit in the top end of the effective learning cone and learning retention pyramid (Abeline Christian University ACU Adams Centre for Teaching Excellence, 2000). This means that used alone the effectiveness of the learning produced by the video is very limited and the retention rate of learning sits only at 20%. It is important to remember that a video alone is not an effective learning tool however, used in conjunction with other learning activities can aid in producing engaging learning experiences that cater for a diverse range of learners.

Thus, I would use this video as a hook when introducing students to the unit of work on 'Australian Culture'. Students would be asked to watch the video than write a reflective piece on what it means to them to be Australian. This reflective pieces would than be collect from the students and put away. Once the students had completed the unit of work on Australian culture the reflective pieces would be handed back to the students for them to read. Students would than be asked to write a reflection on their views of being Australian and reflect on their ideas that have changed, remained the same, or been newly created.


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