Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quizzes with ClassMaster :)

Online Quizzes are a really handy tool for a teacher to incorporated into the classroom environment. Online programs like ClassMarker allow teachers to create quizzes, or select from already existing quizzes and store them in a class bank. The pre-stored tests can be easily completed at anytime and can be a wonderful tool for checking students knowledge and understanding. They can be used on individual students or a whole class depending on the resources available at the school. Students could also be asked to complete online quizzes for homework as a reflective tool for their days work.

The quizzes offer students immediate feedback and results. This allows the students and teacher to identify gaps in learning as well as student's strengths. Skinners theory on 'Operant Conditioning' fits in nicely here. Skinner (1977) states that, "when a reward is added to a situation, the person is more likely to behave more positively in that same situation the following time". By using positive feedback in the quizz, the teacher can illicit more positive behaviours towards learning. This could become a very useful tool for teachers when working with students with behaviour problems.

The program ClassMarker has a number of variables a teacher can choose when establishing a quiz. The time allocations aloud for students to complete the quiz, the number of questions, the type of questions (essay, multiple choice, true or false), the feedback, and the use of visual aids are just a few examples. A teacher will select these particular elements in accordance with the needs of the learners and the purpose of the quiz.

To implement a quiz into the learning environment i would;
  1. Introduce topic 'Australian Native Animals'
  2. Brainstorm with students a list of native Australian Animals and Introduced Animals.
  3. Look at one animal in detail 'Wombat'. (Characteristics, habitat, adaptions, flow charts)
  4. For homework have students complete the online quiz on wombats.
  5. Check results and look at gaps in learning. Use this to inform future learning activities.

The ClassMarker quiz that i created can be found at the following URL =


  • Skinner, B. F. (1977). The Free and Happy Student. In H. F. Clarizio, R. C. Craig &bW. A. Mehrens (eds) Contemporary Issues in Educational Psychology, 3rd ed. Boston: Allen & Bacon.

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