Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Power Points :)

Power Point is an excellent program used to aid in the delivery of presentations. I have used Microsoft's PowerPoint program to create my PowerPoint.

The unit of work my students are starting on is Australian Culture and Identity. Therefore, i wanted to create a PowerPoint presentation to use a hook and an introduction into the topic. I wanted to include a range of elements in the PowerPoint including our Indigenous history, white settlement, our land, and our people. I also wanted to include a range of different media's into the PowerPoint to cater for the variety of learners in my class.

I decided to Use the song 'We Are Australian' as a theme to my presentation. So i downloaded a version of the song and the lyrics and spent a bit of time just listening. Once i knew what the song was about i set out to find a whole bunch of pictures i could use in my presentation to make it more meaningful and engaging.

Once i had all of my resources i set to work putting the PowerPoint presentation together. I added the pictures in the correct order. I used strategically placed captions and headings on the PowerPoint's and arranged the pictures as to give them life on the page. This was the easy part. I have used PowerPoint many times before so this part of the presentation came natural to me.

Once i had the presentation in a manner i considered to be perfect, i than proceeded to add my song to the presentation. This proved to be quite difficult for me and actually required a whole lot of time. Adding the song to the presentation was easy it was animating the slide to run in time with the lyrics that was challenging. However, i did complete it.

This PowerPoint was an awesome hook for the topic. It had audio, visual, and textual elements to it, thus catering for all of my learners. The pictures were captivating, the music was unique and the timing was impecible. Overall i would say that PowerPoints are a very helpful teaching tool.

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  1. Hi Leah,

    I agree, PowerPoint is a wonderful tool that can be utilised in classroom instruction. It really complements learning experiences. Your PowerPoint which you have created sounds wonderful. :) The images sound great and the use of the music at the beginning is a great way to engage learners and begin their thinking.