Thursday, August 20, 2009

SlideShare :)

SlideShare(2009) describes itself as giving users the ability to "Upload and share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios, either publicly or privately and the ability to add audio to these files.

This was perhaps the most challenging to use application out of all the technologies i have discussed in my blogs. It is a great concept and when i finally figure out how to use it I'm sure it will be a great learning tool. But for now i do believe this program has gotten the better of me.
I was going to upload an example of my PowerPoint before the audio and an after take with the audio to demonstrate how much more effective audio and visual presentations can be. However, i was unable to do so.

My presentation URL is =

I had created a PowerPoint presentation as the hook to the unit 'Australia and it's culture'. The presentation was a run through of the lyrics 'I am Australian' with matching pictures. This hook not only introduced students to Australians modern day culture but took them on a journey of our past. It had pictures associated with famous Australians and Landmarks. It was truly a captivating presentation.

Using a program like slide share can increase learning effectiveness and retention rates. However, it still sits at the top end of 'The Learning Pyramid' (ACU 2000). However, by following the video with an activity like a group discussion retention rates can be raised to 50%.


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