Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Music is everywhere: in stores and offices, at parties, and on the car radio. It has become an integral part of our lives from the time we are children" (Ostergren, 2008). So why is it not played more freely in our classroom? Using music in classrooms can provoke many different responses. If used as a tool to aid a learning experience it can provoke some pretty positive academic reactions. However, if used alone it really only is effective for stimulating the students.Music can help students de-stress and refocus. It also gives students a means to collaborate with one another and to be creative.

Music can be used in many different ways in the classroom.

  • Play music in the background when students are reading or being read to.

  • Play music to signify a transition in the classroom (when music plays students pack up and get ready for lunch).

  • Traditional music can be played to signify different countries.

INCOMPETECH supplies users with royalty free music covered under the Creative Commons agreement. This means that any music found on this site can be downloaded and replayed to students at any time. Incompetech has an extensive list of royalty free music, frequently asked questions and answers section, as well as a music licencing section.

The song i chose to download from Incompetech is titled Frost Waltz.It goes for 2 minutes and 15 seconds and is instrumental composition. Incompetech describes it as "a calm but mysterious composition that uses Glockenspiel and Celesta throughout. The French Horns and Bass intercede throughout to accompany the Glockenspiel and Celesta. The Violin and Viola are heard in the background throughout the piece" (INCOMPETECH, 2009).

This is a very mysterious and exciting piece of music. I would implement it into my classroom at story time. I would prepare my year 2's for the story by playing the music. This will help them settle, de-stress from previous tasks and focus on the story about to be read to them.


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