Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RSS Aggregator

Technorati Media(2009)


The World Of Blogging Is Beyond Huge

It seems impossible to follow so many blogs with so little time. The table above from Technorati (1996),demonstrates this, it gives an indication to the ever growing popularity of blogging. There is millions upon millions of blogs that capture my own individual interest but how to do i keep up-to date with blogs i like and sort them from other blogs im not interested in?

The answer to this problem lies with a handy little invention called an RSS Aggregator.

RSS stands for really simple syndication and it bascially acts as a babysitter to all your favourite blogs and internet sites. It posts all new additions to blogs or websites into your RSS homepage that you are subscribed to. In a sense the RSS Aggregator is like a graphic organiser. It logically presents information for the users to work through. The RSS aggregator that i subscribed to was google reader. It was an easy to use, and more importantly easy to understand free on-line RSS. Once i had signed up for an account it was simply just a matter of subscribing to my favourite blogs. Google reader has different sections one for your subscriptions, a look at what's new, and a recently read section.
Using a RSS Aggregator like 'Google Reader' would allow you as a teacher to be constantly updated with news and information from your favourite blogs or websites. We know a teachers time is very limited so if it's a time saving tool you are looking for than an RSS Aggregator is the solution for you.
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