Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picnik :)

Picnik is an awesome way to manipulate your photos and images. I could honestly spend hours just playing around on this program. There are so many features to try out alone in the free version, imagine the premium version. It was an easy process uploading my personal photos to the program. Simply click on the 'up load photos' button and your away. Once you have uploaded your photo you than edit it, you can adjust colour, contrast, size, and even crop your image. Following the editing process you can than create your image. This is where the image manipulation fun all beings. You can turn your picture into a pencil sketch, neon colours, doodle on it, focal zoom, even turn it into a puzzle. I have demonstrated the before and after Picnik photo here.

Photo manipulation can be a very useful tool for student to know and understand. It could be used in a unit of work where texts are being explored and decoded to find their true meanings. As the hook to the unit a teacher could show the students a handle of photos. Students must decide which photos are not being truthful and have been manipulated. This would enforce that not everything is how it seems in the world of media.

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